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Acrylic Painting Instruction

Acrylic Painting Instruction - Painting for the Absolute and Utter Beginner
Painting for the Absolute and Utter

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Based on the author’s successful courses and workshops, Painting for the Absolute and Utter Beginner really does start at the beginning, helping new painters find "what works" while providing information on all the necessary tools, tips, and techniques they’ll need to create a representational painting. The chapters follow a progressive sequence that teaches basic skills through practical, accessible exercises–how to handle a brush, achieve the right paint consistency, mix color, and create dimension–building a solid foundation that readers can rely on as painting projects grow more challenging. A special feature is the artwork and commentary of real students, which helps beginners set realistic goals and shows them how other artists at the same level of experience have worked through inevitable setbacks to achieve success.

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Acrylic Painting Instruction - Abstracts In Acrylic and Ink: A Playful Painting Workshop
Abstracts In Acrylic and Ink: A Playful Painting

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Splatter, stamp, scrape, repeat. A quick-start guide to beautifully layered and textured abstracts! While there are many approaches to painting abstract art, Jodi Ohl's philosophy is to simply start. In this book, the successful, self-taught artist helps you "dive in with an open mind and fearless heart." Everything inside is geared toward kick-starting your creativity:An exciting series of 22 fun-to-follow, step-by-step projects.A tantalizing variety of approaches and inspirations for applying and manipulating paint, crayons, pencils, ink, paper, photos and more.Quick and loose exercises for building a library of ideas, color palettes, patterns and designs to use in future paintings.Loads of practical advice, including how to stock your studio without going broke, the five must-haves mediums, and how to finish and protect your artwork.For beginners eager to get to the "good stuff" and for artists looking to expand their repertoire, it just doesn't get any better.Every action-packed page will have you trying something new and pushing your boundaries! Make marbled acrylic skins * Add a stain * Discover instant gratification with Yupo paper * Achieve the wonderfully aged look of image transfers * Play with graffiti-style art * Experiment with gel mediums * Incorporate non-commercia...

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Acrylic Painting Instruction - Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects: 45 Wax Free Techniques
Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects: 45 Wax Free

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Explore encaustic painting without wax!Discover 45 innovative ways to use acrylic paints, mediums and a variety of mixed-media art supplies to achieve the look of encaustic without the wax or the heat usually required. Compose and create intriguing works of art with fun techniques that include creating crackles, carving with stencils, making wax-like elements, adding image transfers and so much more!Explore new mixed-media territory!45 techniques for making art that looks like encaustic painting--but isn't!Follow step-by-step instructions on how to add image transfers, incorporate collage, add alcohol inks, play with resin and more.Achieve the dreamy, layered look of wax without the extra tools, time and space required of encaustic.With 85+ imaginative tips for taking your art to the next level, the possibilities are endless!

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Acrylic Painting Instruction - Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and SuccessfulArtist
Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and

Acrylic Painting Instruction

A unique system for jump-starting artistic creativity, encouraging experimentation and growth, and increasing sales for artists of all levels, from novices to professionals.   Have you landed in a frustrating rut? Are you having trouble selling paintings in galleries, getting bogged down by projects you can’t seem to finish or abandon, or finding excuses to avoid working in the studio? Author Carol Marine knows exactly how you feel—she herself suffered from painter’s block, until she discovered “daily painting.” The idea is simple: do art (usually small) often (how often is up to you), and if you’d like, post and sell it online. Soon you’ll find that your block dissolves and you’re painting work you love—and more of it than you ever thought possible! With her encouraging tone and useful exercises, Marine teaches you to: -Master composition and value -Become confident in any medium including oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolors, and other media -Choose subjects wisely -Stay fresh and loose -Photograph, post, and sell your art online -Become connected to the growing movement of daily painters around the worldFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

Acrylic Painting Instruction - Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide
Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable

Acrylic Painting Instruction

The technical secrets of a professional painter for the best results and more room for creativity. Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide provides comprehensive guidance for painters of all experience. Realist painter Lorena Kloosterboer, known for her exceptional technical skill, starts with the basics and progresses to advanced techniques and professional practice. The topics include: About Acrylic Paint -- Types of acrylics, comparative advantages, how to read a paint label, using mediums and additives, gesso and varnish Materials and Equipment -- Art supply shopping, palettes, masking, special effects tools, brushes, knives and shapers, airbrush, supports, surface preparation, the studio The Foundation -- Color theory, mixing colors, size and dimensions, order of work, using references, transferring images, painting whites, grays and blacks Techniques -- Underpainting, washes, wet in wet, adding salt and alcohol, blending, dry brush and scumbling, pouring, masking and stenciling, grisaille, glazing, impasto, sgraffito, spattering, sponging, stamping, decalcomania, airbrushing Surface and Form -- Still life, wood, glass, metals, fabric, paper, flowers and leaves, portrait, skin, hair, animals, feathers, landscape, water, clouds, shrubs and trees, stone...

  • Brand: Kloosterboer Lorena
  • ASIN: 1770854088
Acrylic Painting Instruction - Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings: Pick up the skills * Put on the paint * Hang up your art
Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings: Pick up the skills * Put on the paint * Hang up your

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Get all you need to know about acrylic painting in one book, perfect for first-time painters or anyone interested in building their skills!This unique book is a complete course in acrylic painting, built up from key techniques. As the reader progresses through the sections of the book, the author demonstrates each technique with the creation of a mini painting, measuring 5-inch square. So by the time a reader has worked right through to the end, they will have an amazing collection of 50 mini paintings, on board, paper, or canvas, that will be a testament to their skill and creativity.The subject matter for these squares varies from abstracts and simple color mixing exercises, through to figurative subjects: a flower, a sunset, a busy street scene - and many more. These can be mounted, exhibited, or simply collected in a portfolio, or given away as gifts for friends to cherish.The book is ideal for anyone coming to acrylics for the first time, or keen to improve their skills, and who is sometimes daunted by the thought of filling a large empty canvas or blank piece of board. Instead, it will free painters from creative hang-ups, and replace them with an addictive desire to create that next 5-inch square!

  • Brand: Nelson Mark Daniel
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Acrylic Painting Instruction - Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques
Compendium of Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Aimed at all painters, from beginners to the more experienced, this book is packed with expert advice on all aspects of acrylic painting: what to do, and what not to do. Learn how to choose and mix colors, and create a multitude of effects using only one set of tubes. Discover how to make your own equipment, set up a "studio" space, and use household materials to save money. Beginners can follow processes stage-by-stage, while more experienced artists can dip in and out for help with specific problems. A unique section on how to develop your art and take it to a wider public is full of professional secrets which can bring you success much more quickly. Try it and Fix it panels placed throughout the book suggest ways of practicing and developing new skills, and avoiding or correcting common painting errors.

  • Brand: Search Press
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Acrylic Painting Instruction - Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice
Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Because nature is so expansive and complex, so varied in its range of light, landscape painters often have to look further and more deeply to find form and structure, value patterns, and an organized arrangement of shapes. In Landscape Painting, Mitchell Albala shares his concepts and practices for translating nature's grandeur, complexity, and color dynamics into convincing representations of space and light.  Concise, practical, and inspirational, Landscape Painting focuses on the greatest challenges for the landscape artist, such as: •  Simplification and Massing: Learn to reduce nature's complexity by looking beneath the surface of a subject to discover the form's basic masses and shapes.•  Color and Light: Explore color theory as it specifically applies to the landscape, and learn the various strategies painters use to capture the illusion of natural light.•  Selection and Composition: Learn to select wisely from nature's vast panorama. Albala shows you the essential cues to look for and how to find the most promising subject from a world of possibilities. The lessons in Landscape Painting—based on observation rather than imitation and applicable to both plein air and studio practice—are accompanied by painting examples, demonstrations, photographs, and diagr...

  • Brand: Mitchell Albala
  • ASIN: 0823032205
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Acrylic Painting Instruction - The Art of Painting in Acrylic: Master techniques for painting stunning works of art in acrylic-step by step (Collector's Series)
The Art of Painting in Acrylic: Master techniques for painting stunning works of art in acrylic-step by step (Collector's

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Ideal for beginning and intermediate artists seeking to develop or polish their acrylic painting skills, The Art of Painting in Acrylic features a range of techniques and valuable instruction for working with this classic medium. This comprehensive guide offers a fresh, modern approach to painting in acrylic. Beginning with detailed information for using acrylic tools and materials, The Art of Painting in Acrylic introduces artists to the basics, including paints and brushes, supports, mediums, and other essential information for working with this fast-drying paint. In addition to learning about basic color theory, painting techniques, and how to work with acrylic paint and textures, aspiring artists will enjoy putting their painting skills to use by practicing the step-by-step demonstrations designed to instruct and entertain. Professional acrylic painters provide easy-to-follow, comprehensive instruction and inspiration, enabling readers to learn techniques for mastering this lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-use medium. In-depth lessons cover a variety of subject matter ranging from still lifes and portraits to landscapes and animals. Along the way, aspiring artists will discover helpful tips and tricks for rendering a variety of textures, setting up compelling compositions,...

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Acrylic Painting Instruction - Sea & Sky in Acrylics: Techniques & Inspiration
Sea & Sky in Acrylics: Techniques &

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Dave White introduces the simple but effective techniques that he uses to paint stunning, dramatic seascapes with beautiful and realistic skies. He demonstrates spattering, blending backgrounds, painting horizons, finger painting clouds and foam. There is expert advice on the anatomy of waves and how they rise and collapse, creating ripples, surf, foam and spray. Clear instructions show how to paint effective reflections and beaches to improve your seascapes. The sky section shows effective techniques for painting all types of cloud, with some innovative methods such as tipping up the surface to let dilute paint run, to create cirrus clouds. Dave's method of creating depth in sea, beach and sky using lines projected from the vanishing point will radically improve readers' seascapes. There is a section of moods and sunsets full of beautiful, dramatic examples. Finally three step by step projects show how to paint a beach panorama with a rolling wave, a spectacular sunset over a calm sea and waves crashing on rocks.

  • Brand: White Dave
  • ASIN: 1782210679

Acrylic Painting Instruction Video Results

Beginners Acrylic Painting Course (New)

Acrylic Painting Instruction Acrylic painting techniques for the absolute beginner. A step-by-step online tutorial course teaching you how to paint with acrylics. Acrylics can be the simplest and easiest wa...

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10 mistakes beginners make in Acrylic Painting - Painting Tips w/ Lachri

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Today I'm talking about the top 10 mistakes I see Acrylic artist make when trying to get certain results. Are you a beginner and having trouble getting smooth blending? I've got the answer for you! Are your paint brushes getting damaged quickly? Are you not sure which canvas is right for your pai...

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Painting a Misty Forest Landscape with Acrylics in 10 Minutes!

Acrylic Painting Instruction

Today we paint a misty forest landscape and a small river in fewer than 10 minutes! This is a real time acrylic landscape painting tutorial. Paints: Primary Blue (By: BASIC) Titanium White (By: BASIC) Burnt Umber (By: BASIC) Black (By: BASIC) Sap Green (By: Grumbacher) Brushes: Large square h...

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