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Animal Series

Animal Series - Animal

Animal Series

K’wan, one of this generation’s most talented and gritty writers, delivers his bloodiest story yet. ANIMAL follows the infamous fugitive from K’wan’s best-known Hood Rat Series on a revenge mission from the rugged streets of Puerto Rico to the scene of the original crime, Harlem, NY."One bullet changed everything." Three years after narrowly escaping a one way trip to the gas chamber, the fugitive known only as Animal finds himself drawn back to the scene of the crime, Harlem, NY. Throughout his entire time in exile the only thing that kept Animal going was the thought that he would one day be reunited with his soul mate, Gucci, but one bullet changed everything. When his enemies tried to murder Gucci they crossed the line, so he vowed to cross them all. While Gucci teeters between life and death Animal sets out on a bloody mission fueled by love and orchestrated by bullets...there would be no more innocents. Alliances are formed and secrets uncovered while Animal wages his personal war on the streets of Harlem with the end result revealing one great truth....he is only a small piece in a much greater puzzle.

  • Brand: K wan
  • ASIN: 1936399253
Animal Series - Stormspeaker (Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts, Book 7)
Stormspeaker (Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts, Book

Animal Series

Confidential until January 2018!

  • ASIN: 133811669X
Animal Series - Spirit Animals Book 6: Rise and Fall
Spirit Animals Book 6: Rise and

Animal Series

Deep in the desert there sits a beautiful oasis, ruled by a monarch unlike any other in Erdas. His name is Cabaro, the Great Lion, and he reigns over a kingdom of animals, jealously guarding his golden talisman. No human has ever set foot in the Great Beast’s territory. The journey to his oasis is impossible.As a team, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have achieved the impossible before. But now that team is broken—the friends scattered by a devastating betrayal.    The young heroes and their spirit animals have already sacrificed much in their quest for the talismans. But with the world crumbling all around them—and a ruthless enemy opposing their every move—their greatest sacrifices are yet to come.

  • Brand: Eliot Schrefer
  • ASIN: 054552248X
Animal Series - Spirit Animals: Book 1: Wild Born
Spirit Animals: Book 1: Wild

Animal Series

#1 New York Times bestseller Brandon Mull launches Scholastic's wildly popular multiplatform phenomenon.Four children separated by vast distances all undergo the same ritual, watched by cloaked strangers. Four flashes of light erupt, and from them emerge the unmistakable shapes of incredible beasts -- a wolf, a leopard, a panda, a falcon. Suddenly the paths of these children -- and the world -- have been changed forever.Enter the world of Erdas, where every child who comes of age must discover if they have a spirit animal, a rare bond between human and beast that bestows great powers to both. A dark force has risen from distant and long-forgotten lands, and has begun an onslaught that will ravage the world. Now the fate of Erdas has fallen on the shoulders of four young strangers . . . and on you.Part engrossing book series, part action role-playing game -- discover your spirit animal and join the adventure.

  • Brand: Brandon Mull
  • ASIN: 0545522439
Animal Series - Animal 2: The Omen (Animal series)
Animal 2: The Omen (Animal

Animal Series

After the incredible success of Animal, K’wan is back with the second, bloody installment in the new Animal saga. Secrets are revealed, sides are chosen and bodies are dropped…it's on!The man ordered to take Animal from the world turns out to be the man who brought him into it. Animal finds himself torn between his hatred for the father who had abandoned him and the man who had taken everything from him. An uneasy truce is formed between father and son to take down a common enemy and finally grant Animal his freedom from the blood debt he's carried for so many years. But when the ghosts of Animal's past catch up with him he learns that nothing is what it seems, and everything is subject to corruption, even his love for Gucci.

Animal Series - Animal 3: Revelations
Animal 3: Revelations

Animal Series

After making a promise to leave the street life behind, a shocking revelation forces Animal back into the game to face his greatest opponent yet.After years of war on the streets the man known only as Animal is finally able to hang up his guns. He's paid his debt to society for the crimes he's committed, and thanks to the sacrifice made by the father he barely knew, old scores have been settled. For the first time in his life he's able to find the peace that had eluded him for so long, and settle down with his wife Gucci and their son T.J. Animal's future is looking bright, that is, until someone from his past resurfaces with a shocking revelation.                 When Animal's former lover, Red Sonja, shows up on his doorstep with a little girl, claiming Animal is the father, he and Gucci immediately fear it’s a ploy for money. But Red Sonja has come to collect a debt of a different kind, one that can only be paid in blood. A powerful man is hunting Red Sonja and her daughter, Celeste, and she calls on Animal to stop him, permanently.                 Animal is forced to break the promise he made to his wife upon his release from prison and once again picks up his guns. To keep his daughter and her mother safe, Animal sets out on a mission of murd...

  • Brand: K Wan
  • ASIN: 1936399938
Animal Series - Spirit Animals: Book 7
Spirit Animals: Book 7

Animal Series

Everything comes to a head in this seventh book in the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series. The world of Erdas will be changed forever.Confidential until April 2015!

  • Brand: Marie Lu
  • ASIN: 0545535212
Animal Series - Spirit Animals: Book 3: Blood Ties
Spirit Animals: Book 3: Blood

Animal Series

The adventure continues in this third book in the New York Times bestselling series.Erdas is a land of balance. A rare link, the spirit animal bond, bridges the human and animal worlds. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan each have this gift-and the grave responsibility that comes with it.But the Conquerors are trying to destroy this balance. They're swallowing whole cities in their rush for power-including Meilin's home. Fed up with waiting and ready to fight, Meilin has set off into enemy territory with her spirit animal, a panda named Jhi. Her friends aren't far behind . . . but they're not the only ones.The enemy is everywhere.

  • Brand: Garth Nix
  • ASIN: 0545522455
  • UPC: 884268170299
Animal Series - Spirit Animals: Book 4: Fire and Ice
Spirit Animals: Book 4: Fire and

Animal Series

The adventure continues in this fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series.Strange things are happening at the frozen edge of the world. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have crisscrossed Erdas in their quest to stop the ruthless Conquerors. Only the four of them, supported by the gifts of their legendary spirit animals, have the power to defeat an evil takeover.While chasing down a lead in the cold North, the heroes arrive at a quiet village where not everything is as it seems. Rooting the truth out of this deceptively beautiful place won't be easy-and the team is already out of time.The Conquerors are right behind them.

  • Brand: Shannon Hale
  • ASIN: 0545522463
  • UPC: 000545522463
Animal Series - Spirit Animals: Book 5: Against the Tide
Spirit Animals: Book 5: Against the

Animal Series

The adventure continues in this fifth book in the New York Times bestselling series.The sun is shining in the Hundred Isles, and yet the path forward seems crowded with shadows. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have traveled across the world, seeking a set of powerful talismans in order to keep them from enemy hands. Throughout their journey the young heroes have been hounded by pursuers, who always seem to know just where to find them. Now they know why.One of them is a traitor. As they steer the crystal blue waters of this tropical paradise, the team can't help but suspect each other. There's a spy in their midst, and before this mission is over, a deadly trap will close around them.

  • Brand: Tui T Sutherland
  • ASIN: 0545522471

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Animal Series

Animal Kingdom Season1 Trailer - 2016 TNT Series Subscribe: Mehr Infos zur 1. Staffel von Animal Kingdom: Animal Kingdom ist eine US-amerikanische Drama-Serie aus dem Hause TNT, die auf dem gleichnamigen Kinofilm basiert. Ellen ...

  • Likes: 976
  • View count: 511076
  • Dislikes: 80
  • Comments: 109

The Drought (schleich Animal Series)

Animal Series

My first schleich animal movie making more soon!

  • Likes: 34
  • View count: 2080
  • Dislikes: 2
  • Comments: 14

Manimal (panther transformation sequence)

Animal Series

Scenes from cult (and short lived) TV Series Manimal (1983). Taken from the Pilot episode. Black panther transformation.

  • Likes: 3801
  • View count: 3644176
  • Dislikes: 366
  • Comments: 878
Tags: manimal,tv,series,cult,classic,sci-fi

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